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I’ve been fortunate enough to come across some incredibly wonderful destinations and discovered some of the awesome places in the world. Along the way I’ve encountered some incredibly handy gadgets & products. This is where I share travel advice and ideas, interesting offers, the amazing destinations I’ve visited and useful travel products & services.

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Kuredu Island Maldives
Kuredu Island Maldives

This travel blog is aimed at travel fanatics seeking to experience the pleasures of this incredible world in comfort and style. I’ve done my share of traveling on a budget, and loved every minute, these days though, I really really value my creature comforts, with the result that a lot of the content on this travel blog may be of most interest to a somewhat more mature and affluent traveler. It’s my aim to offer useful travel advice, share great offers and tell you about awesome places and useful travel products that I’ve uncovered. I hope you enjoy and genuinely welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.